Cherry Tree Real Estate Academy offering courses in preparation for the real estate license examinations, as well as courses for New Investors who are looking to invest in public and private real estate. Almost all of our graduates have passed their exams and become successful real estate Brokers and Salespersons. Completion of a course from Cherry Tree Real Estate Academy not only meets the requirements necessary to take the state licensing examination, but it also serves as the most solid foundation that you can put in place for yourself in regards to preparation.

All of the courses offered at Cherry Tree Real Estate Academy are fully approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons and are fully approved by the Massachusetts Board of Appraisal for Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal, Income Property Appraisal and the USPAP Course.

The courses taught by Cherry Tree Real Estate Academy courses are directed by certified instructors and professionals with years of industry experience. Completion of our courses means that you received the best information from the best instructors that not only care about what they teach, but who also care about the students they teach this information to.

Why choose us


“What makes our university stand out is a central location that’s easy to find. We are right on the second floor. Our staff is personal and friendly, yet business-focused. We are passionately committed to our student’s success, and are open to fresh ideas and new innovative ways of doing things. As an institution we must make sure you succeed.”
– Karriem Cherry, Founder and CEO


“We have a lot of students that have unique and out-of the box schedules, that’s why we make things so easy for our students to get ahead. Our day and weekend course times allow for people with busy work schedules and family lives time to find the perfect balance between work, class, happiness, and success.”


“Our staff is readily available to answer any questions that a student may have. No matter what time of day or night, we have several ways for you to reach us. The staff at Cherry Tree Real Estate Academy are the best in the industry, and we stand behind their levels of knowledge, commitment, and expertise.”

Career Opportunities

“You can be rest assured that there are several options for growing with Cherry Tree Real Estate Academy. What you learn here can take you anywhere in life or anywhere this world has to offer. Everywhere has properties, and here at Cherry Tree, you will learn all off the fundamentals to make you successful anywhere you would like to go. Please visit our Careers page for an overview of some career opportunities.”


“We don’t just stop at teaching you the valuable education that you need to succeed. Cherry Tree Real Estate Academy offers continuing education and mentorship that will always be here to guide you after the class and into the field.”

Want to be a New Real Estate Investor?